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Technical Co-Founder / CTO

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Type: Full Time

Min. Experience: Student (College)

About Vendalize: Here, have an outdated pitch video: http://bit.ly/vendalize

Vendalize is a local search thingie that uses tags instead of reviews (too long) or check-ins (too vague.) The result is frickin' awesome. So awesome that we have early adopters, accelerator funding, grant money, and chicks wearing our t-shirts despite having no viable product online. We need to fix that, and the original CTO wasn't up to the task. So, here we are.

Vendalize is a mobile-first (web, and eventually app) solution with heavy integration to local data APIs and a spoonful of recommendation algorithms for large datasets. There is a completed, user-tested, fancy-ass redesign waiting for you on my hard drive. There is a business model that has been massaged to such kick-ass levels that it literally tastes like Kool Aid. I'll buy you a beer if you can stump me with a question.

You'll be my technical co-founder, which means you're responsible for the entire stack until we get the funding to add more focused teammates who can fill your/my gaps. For now, your job starts where mine stops: front-end dev.

Vendalize is your baby, so build it the way you think it should be built (because it's illegal to build real babies to your liking.) That said, depending on your choices, I'll want to hear why you're not building in PHP or Python, why you'd go with a relational DB instead of NoSQL, why you're not using Solr for search, why you picked Foursquare's API over Google Places, or why you selected Angular for your framework.

Instead of the usual "requirements" b.s., let's just talk about how the expectations relate to the equity, so you know where you stand. And FYI, as of May we've raised $25k, about half of which will be yours. A decent salary will come with future funding, and keep in mind that the opportunity to travel to whatever city you want whenever you want is a nice tax deductible perk of working at a local search company.

38-45% equity: Being a renaissance man is a foregone conclusion. You've done this kind of thing (building your own mobile product from soup to nuts) before. The only question people have about you is why you aren't running your own startup. The only requirements you need are screenshots, a few conversations, and beer. You can articulate why something works or doesn't work to non-tech schmucks. When users provide feedback, you don't need a middleman to concoct a solution. You understand that owning this much of a startup means you are responsible for solving all of your own problems.

30-37% equity: You're entirely capable of managing the full stack, but you might be a bit junior on mobile UX or dev ops because other people around you have handled that before. You have some kind of startup experience. You prefer agile environments and are good at inferring business requirements. You are your own biggest critic and motivator. You're assertive and confident enough to say when you need help and when you f'd up, but you also understand that owning this much of a startup means getting outside help will be rare.

20-29% equity: You're a talented, multi-faceted developer, but being the Co-Founder of a mobile startup sounds like a challenge. Chances are you can't do this on your own, so you're not the best candidate - but there's no harm in applying.

Under 20% equity: Most of the developers you know are more talented than you. You've never touched some layers of the stack. You might be a candidate for lower-level roles at Vendalize down the road, but this specific job isn't worth applying to. Then again, you read all the way to the bottom... so that's interesting.

Bonus content! Hey, you're already down here, so what the hell. A little about me: I'm likely the most generous co-founder you'll meet... not because I'm a nice guy, but because I don't want to give people room to make excuses. I quit my job and reduced my living expenses by 75% to start Vendalize. I'm a designer turned search marketer turned idea guy. I co-coordinate Startup Drinks Pittsburgh. I like big butts. I previously self-funded KarmaFile.com, worked as an early-stage hire or mid-stage hire for 3 startups, and spent my pre-startup years managing local search marketing and customer experience for small businesses. So yeah, I actually worked on Main Street, unlike the CEOs of other local search apps that still aren't profitable. You smell me?

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